Skills that you need to be an amazing nurse:

If you are considering a career in nursing you should definitely begin looking inward at yourself to make sure that you have some of the right personality traits to become an amazing nurse. There are a number of skills that you can use to handle the massive responsibility of this occupation. Because a caregiver needs to take on so many different roles in patient recovery and day to day, it's important to remember that focusing on various skills will help you to become better as a nurse. Here are some of the top personality traits that make people great nurses:

Observation skills: having the ability to observe the patient and continually recognize signs of change in the patient is essential. With proper observation skills you can see if the patient is beginning to deteriorate at almost any time. Caregivers need to be vigilant with their powers of observation to potentially save the lives of patients.

Following a routine: nurses need to be okay with routine as the average shift could require checking in on the same patient multiple times at scheduled hours. Creating a routine for every shift and having the ability to follow the rules will ensure that the standard of care is not compromised.

Empathy: empathy is one of the biggest traits that many nurses need to have. To provide quality care for the elderly nurses need to be able to relate to patients as much as possible and see situations from the perspective of the patient. This can lead to better care as well as better patient relationships.

Communication skills: a nurse needs to be able to not only talk to the patient but also to other medical professionals. If there is a breakdown in communication this could compromise the health of the patient or potentially even cost a life. Understand to remain calm and be able to communicate with a situation on hand.

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